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Stephen Jiwanmall (he/him) offers more than a decade of experience in professional communication, spanning journalism, public relations, media production, social media, and higher education.


As a multimedia reporter, Stephen earned state and national awards for his reporting, which spanned four states and included television, radio, digital, and print journalism. He has experience with live broadcast reporting and producing.

He has worked his way up the ranks in multiple organizations and currently serves as an assistant professor of communication at his alma mater La Salle University in Philadelphia.

Stephen knows how to break down issues in a visually compelling and easy-to-understand manner. He has a passion for telling the stories of under-reported communities and digs under the surface to find depth. Stephen recognizes the importance of crafting messages to specific platforms and audiences. He thrives on deadline, and he is committed to providing quality work in a timely manner.

He channels his intersectionality as a gay South Asian man into nuanced and culturally-competent messaging that never overlooks the complexities of the communities he covers.

Stephen strives to inspire and support others he collaborates with, and he values mentorship and guiding future generations of storytellers. Check out his résumé to learn more.

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